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Pure Oil Massage …. 1 2

Cozy abode of pure bliss to calm the soul through soothing warm hands. A room of simplicity where the desire is to rewind with no frills! Step out for a shower before the massage.

60 mins $78 oil massage (usu $88)
90 mins $113 oil massage (usu $132) plus complimentary warm BLACK STONE therapy. Free!

Upgrade to Aromatherapy SENIOR ROOM ensuite (with shower attached) or try our all encompassing PRINCIPAL ROOM (with 2-men wide jacuzzi) for complete spa pleasures.

Sample guests feedback available for review at counter ………
“Great experience, would return again. I’m satisfied” – Ryan, 2h 10 mins spa service
“All good, warm & easy to talk to” – Ian, 90 mins massage
“Nice music, very pleasant” – Jerry & Adrian, 60 mins massage

SPA LAB – starstarstar
Rain Drench Therapy with scrub

A cool retreat on a Super Hot Day! Simply lie down for a thorough full body scrub front & back followed by play time where water mimics like flowing rain. Coupled with bubbly pops of water droplets to complete a really sensory experience!

40 mins $59 standalone. Or package it further with a soothing massage to enjoy more discounts & longer service time!

Sample guests comments….
“i like it” – Thun, Jets Wash 30 mins
“good service, pleasurable” – Darren, 40 mins service

SPA LAB-lite:
Rounders Spray Therapy

You’ll be ushered to a private space for cleanse off in a stand up position. Spout of power sprays shoots you from varying position to round up this treat. So songkran!

25 mins $39 and MUST be done with a massage to enjoy this price. No scrub is involved. Just pure water delight. This Website Special deal is offered by phone appt only!

Programmes Coming:

Sleep Induce Therapy, Canteen Bites, Green Matcha-sage, Gold Ingot Massage, etc