searching for a space to
rejuvenate or wanting to re-energise…
that’s what we’ve thought too.

moving along the day,
time to reload or perhaps re-ignite
that thirst to continue…
that’s on our minds too.

whatever it takes, let’s re-discover
the feeling to feel pampered
once again…
believe the innermost biology of
your true self.

it’s here that your personal
institution for rest & relax awaits you…

Bonding Classes:

JUNIOR ROOM-20JUNIOR ROOM: Pure Oil Massage …. 1 2
Cozy abode of pure bliss to calm the soul through soothing warm hands… read more »

JUNIOR ROOM-20SPA LAB – starstarstar Rain Drench Therapy with scrub
Gotta’ get it! Think water! Lots of it! Start off with a full body scrub front & back followed… read more »

JUNIOR ROOM-20SPA LAB – lite: Rounders Spray Therapy
You’ll be ushered to a private space for cleanse off in a stand up position… read more »